Introducing Jioswap.Finance — A new multi-chain AMM & cross-chain bridge for stablecoins and pegged crypto assets on Nervos Network.
2 min readJun 3, 2022

Jioswap a hybrid function market-making protocol (HFMM), specifically designed to save users money by enabling low-slippage trading of stable coins & pegged crypto assets, while allowing liquidity providers to earn passively via trading fees, yield farming and staking.

With Nervos Network built as a multi layer system, this was the obvious starting point in establishing interoperability while,
Leveraging its Layer 2 chain ; GodWoken to solve some of the issues and pain points, users currently face in the Web3 & Defi ecosystem. With the launch of GodWoken’s Mainnet around the corner, Jioswap has positioned itself as an anchor in providing a suite of cross-chain tools for the Nervos ecosystem.

Building for the future

Jioswap aims to create a suite of cross-chain tools starting with the jio-bridge and the jio cross-chain swap, which will enable transactions between Nervos GodWoken and numerous supported L1 & L2 chains such as Etheruem , BSC, Arbitrum , Aurora, Meter, Oasis, Fantom and other chains always in the works. Cross-chain bridges enable users to send, swap and receive assets across numerous networks, seamlessly.

How’s jioswap different from other AMMs?:

If a DeFi user is looking to swap $100,000 USDC to USDT , considering there’s sufficient amount of liquidity to do so. Using the traditional AMM such as Sushiswap, PancakeSwap, yokai swap etc. the minimum you’d receive would be roughly $98165.8 USDT and maximum would be around $98656.6 losing $1343.40 to $1834.2 in value. If you were to use Jioswap instead, you’d receive $99,849.8269 — almost zero slippage. Jio’s protocol is specifically designed for pegged assets, and as a result, it is much more efficient than an AMM such as Sushiswap that is not optimized to do so.

SWAPPING $100,000.00 USDC -> USDT ON SUSHI SWAP (on the LEFT) / SWAPPING $100,000.00 USDC -> USDT ON Jioswap(On the RIGHT)

The big question : When $JIO Token? Soon token !

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A corss-chain protocol enabling low-slippage swaps of stablecoins, pegged crypto assets and bridging to numerous chains